Christmas Market Date!❤️

Yesterday, my boyfriend Kieran and I decided to take a trip to Bath to have a look around the beautiful Christmas Market!🎄

We arrived in the busy city just after 3 and slowly made our way to the market via hotel chocolate, were I had to replenish my Mums chocolate clementine stash and then made a pit stop at a cider stall for Kieran 🍻😄 Once we arrived at the market we were welcomed with the smell of mulled wine, caramelised peanuts and of course the gorgeous, festive huts!❤️


 After looking around some of the huts, we decided to get something to eat. We came across a place that made fresh doughnuts and of course, we had to get some! We both settled on doughnuts covered in caramel sauce and fudge pieces and we also tried hot chocolate with a shot of baileys, which was also delicious! 😍



We then made our way around the rest of the busy market and looked at some more huts, I especially loved the handmade jewellery! The bumble bee brooches were my favourite but unfortunately a bit too out of my price range (Which broke my heart!😩)

The decorations around the market were incredible, from fairy lights to handmade lanterns made by local children! Everything was amazing and there was even fake snow which made it a bit more magical! ✨






After looking around the market and taking a cheeky selfie by the Christmas tree🎄 (excuse my red nose😂), We then looked around a few more shops and then made our way back to the train station to wait for our train home. We then spent the rest of the evening with Kieran’s family, eating more food and watching Nativity! ☺️

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and hope you enjoyed this little post! I’m now going to chill and watch Netflix’s new series ‘The Crown’ and let my tummy recover from all the rubbish I’ve eaten! 😂

Georgina X



  1. Aww this looks lovely, and you both look so happy!
    I went to the Christmas markets the other year (never been to the city before) as I had to go to a Rheumatology appointment there. The stalls, decorations, lights and atmosphere were beautiful, absolutely loved it. Wish I had seen those donuts when I went though, they look awesome! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. How exciting. You obviously had a great day. We love all the pictures, particularly, the one of you and Kieran. You are building up nicely to Christmas. See you a fortnight yesterday, if not before. Love. G and Gxxx

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