Don’t kick up a fuss

You tell me I’m being good,

for not making a fuss,

But things start to boil in the pit of my gut.


The environment is noisy,

Theres too much to take in,

You promise everything will be all right,

As long as I don’t kick up a fuss.


Your hand holds mine tightly,

As we walk through the isles,

A baby cries as you repeat politely,

Try not to kick up a fuss.


The lights burn my eyes,

Perfume tickles my nose,

My gut gets tighter as all my senses start to go.


I’m losing control,

As others stare and gaze,

You beg and plead as you watch me fall down to my knees.


I start to cry andΒ I scream my loudest,

To try and block out all this madness,

While others point and stop to ask,

“Is that your child? Stop this badness!”


I’m stuck and unsure,

As others glare at the floor,

whilst you comfort me and say,

everything will be okay.

This poem is about someone on the Autistic Spectrum experiencing a sensory overload in a supermarket. This is based on my own experiences and how I have felt in situations like this. I hope you enjoyed my first poem!😊

See you soon!

Georgina X



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