Taking it Literally!

The English language can be very confusing for an Autistic person! We can take figures of speech very literally. For example, the saying “Toast the bride” means drinking to the brides good health, but to an Autistic person, they might think that the bride is actually going into a toaster! Even now I’m older, I still don’t always get the english language!

There’s a story that I thought I would share with you about my literal takings. Which I will always laugh about and involves me being just autistic me!

A few years ago my family and I were on holiday staying in a town called Castle Douglas, based in the beautiful valleys of Scotland! It was a typical summer, cloudy and rainy. On our second day there, we decided to go on a family walk and venture out into the gorgeous countryside.

After walking for a while we came to a field that had a long, cobbled brick wall which was to the left of us. It had bright, thick grass and moss poking out of the gaps. There were also cows in this field, they had silky black coats and long, fluttery eyelashes.

Me being into my photography, I decided I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful scenery. After taking closeups of flowers and the wall filled with greenery, I decided I wanted to take a photo of one of the cows. I scoped the field to find the closest one to me and walked up to it and started to take photos.

As I was taking pictures, I could hear my Mum calling my name. Her voice sounded a bit different than usual, so I turned around in her direction. Her facial expressions were very confusing as she repeated my name.

“George!” She shouted repeatedly, “George! The cow is going to charge!”

I stared at her blankly, then looked at the cow then back at her and said.

“But cows don’t charge for photographs.”

“What?!” She screamed.

“Cows don’t charge for photographs, they don’t have money.” I replied bluntly.

“What?! Oh christ George, no!” shouted my Mum,”It’s going to charge! Its going to run towards you!”

I eventually got out of that situation by running across the field and jumping over the wall to avoid being crushed. The cow was definitely not happy with me…

 I hope you enjoyed one of my many literal taking stories and I hope it put a smile on your face! 😊

See you very soon!

Georgina X



  1. Dear George, we love this story, it’s new to us. It’s good to see your sense of fun. We have gone back to your 2017 goals blog. The final sentence was headed “Being Happy”. This blog is a very happy piece – it could have been a disaster, now it’s a memorable, fun moment. Love. G and Gxxx

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