Corfe Castle Adventure!

On the official last day of our holiday, my boyfriend Kieran and I decided to explore more of Corfe Castle! Once we were ready (after dragging Kieran out of bed! Again!πŸ˜‚) we set out towards the beautiful, dorset village in the gorgeous sunshine.

When we arrived we decided to have an early lunch so we went to the bakery and both had a delicious pasty to keep us going. Once we ate, we set off to the Model Village based in Corfe!




(featuring my Mr. Blobby rucksack!)

As we were walking around, we came across a few games scattered across the Model Village. We first gave croquet ago, but we quickly gave up! We then moved on to quoits which was definitely more fun!



After looking around the Model Village, we treated ourselves to ice-cream and sat outside in the beautiful sunshine before heading back to the cottage.



(Silly Selfie! Kieran had Honeycomb and I had Chocolate Orange ice-cream!)

Later on in the day, we went to Studland beach and had a lovely walk along the coast. We also did some skimming, Kieran tried teaching me but I couldn’t get the hang of it!


After the refreshing beach walk, we went back to the cottage to relax for the rest of the evening!

I’ve had one of the best holiday ever and have made lots of lovely memories. I didn’t want it to end! 😊

To those who have been asking, I’m currently working on an Autistic blog post as I speak so please don’t worry! There is one on it’s way!😊

See you very soon!

Georgina X



  1. Hey Georgina. Sounds like you had a great holiday. Nice to keep up to date with what you’re up to. Keep blogging it’s so brilliant. I’ve shared it with many others and they get how you feel/think I know it helps them as it does you. So proud.

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  2. Welcome back George. Thanks for your three blogs and the pictures. They have been wonderful reads. You have got great memories, keep them in your memory bank. The next time anxiety appears go into the bank to give you strength to kick anxiety in the rear. Love you. G and Gxxxx

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