Valentines Day!

Hello everybody! I’m currently on holiday at the moment with my boyfriend and his lovely family staying in a beautiful, Dorset village called Corfe Castle. I’m having a lovely time so far despite the cold, bitter weather. I thought as I’m on holiday, I would try and write about some of the fun days I’ve had so I can look back on them in the future! To kick start the holiday blogs, I thought I’d write about Valentines Day!

I woke up very early on Valentines Day. As Kieran was still fast asleep, I decided to do a bit of reading whilst listening to the faint sound of steam trains chugging past the beautiful, misty village. After a couple of hours, I couldn’t contain my excitement so I (eventually) woke him up to exchange our gifts!


We got a lot of lovely things from each other. Chocolate, perfume/Cologne, lovely cards and a bottle of rosé to share! After opening our gifts, we got ready for the day and had a delicious brunch with the family!

After our lovely brunch, we both walked into Corfe to explore the castle!








After looking around the gorgeous ruins, we stopped off at the National Trust tea shop and had hot chocolate and some cake! 🍰 After that, we walked back to the cottage to relaxed for a few hours before getting ready for our Valentines dinner.


After getting ready, we went down to the center of the village to a pub called The Banks Arms to have our romantic meal.

Whilst we were waiting for our food the power went out across the whole village, but luckily our food had been cooked just in time to be served! It was a little bit spooky at first, but luckily the owner had a stash of tea lights so it wasn’t too bad!

After our dinner  in candle light, we walked back to the cottage in the dark (which was even more spookier!) Eventually the power came back as we were walking which we were both very happy about! (Particularly me though as I was the one that was scared! 😂)

We then spent the evening relaxing with a bottle of rosé, watching TV and talking about the fun day we had together! img_0705

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentines Day. Whether it was spent with your partner, family, friends or just by yourself celebrating it in your own way! Whatever you did, I hope you had a lovely day. See you very soon! Xx



  1. Dear Georgina, We love The Blog and photographs. It’s great to see you are having a great time and are so very happy. Have a lovely holiday, you deserve it. Love you.xxxxx

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