Sun, Gardens and Cake!

Hello again! I’m currently on my summer hols at the moment, enjoying the beautiful sunshine! Unfortunately it’s my last week and then I’m back to work! Boo!! But I’m not going to think of the mad house, I’ve still got a few more days of fun!

Today me and my crazy family went to The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland. My Mum is a keen gardener and this was a place she was desperate to visit! We left the house at 9:30am and arrived just before 10:00am. This was a perfect time to arrive as the car park wasn’t even full! We grabbed our belongings and started walking to the garden!

The garden was the most beautiful garden I think I have ever seen! The first thing we saw was a massive cascade! To the left of the cascade was a hut and a tall, dark gate with skulls. We walked over and found out that the garden behind the sinister gate was filled with poison plants and flowers! We had a guided tour of the poison garden and I learnt a lot! Apparently rhubarb leaves are poison and can kill! We then finished our tour and went to the cafe (which looked like a spa!) and had coffee and cake.


I had Carrot Cake! πŸ™‚

After that, we then started walking along the path and came across at least 50 bench swings!

IMG_7363 (1)

We then carried on along the garden path and saw some amazing sculptures and flowers! The rose garden was my fav! Normally because of my Autism big places like this with lots of people and noise makes me anxious (Especially because it was the summer holidays!). But I didn’t feel like this as the gardens were very spacious and there was always somewhere calm and quiet to go to. It was perfect!

We then had a delicious picnic! There was quiche, peppers, tomatos, sausage rolls, crisps, cherries and lots of other yummy bits!

Once we had eaten, we walked to Alnwick Castle and had another wonder around the gardens before it was time for us to go!

I had a wonderful day out with my family in the gorgous sunshine! But now I look like a red lobster!

Here are some more photos from today! See Β you soon! xx






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